New Mexico Public School Insurance Authority

New Mexico Public School Insurance Authority (NMPSIA) offers two medical plans that employees can choose from to meet their health care needs. A High Option and Low Option administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Mexico or Presbyterian Health Plan let you choose any physician without a referral. Both plans, high or low, feature in-network and out-of network benefits. Both include in-network preventative health benefits with no copayment, no deductible.

  • The High Option Plan has lower out-of-pocket costs, does not require a deductible and has predictable copayments for In-Network benefits. Out-of-Network benefits include a deductible and coinsurance except for preventive services.
  • The Low Option Plan has a lower premium and includes a deductible and coinsurance for most In-Network and Out-of-Network benefits. Some services (such as physician office visits and preventive services) include predictable copayments.

Both High and Low Option Plans are administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield or Presbyterian are identical in design.The difference is in the networks.

New Mexico Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Presbyterian Health Insurance

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