LGBTQ+ Support

LGBTQ+ Support at CISD
Posted on 09/14/2021
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We want Parents/Guardians know about the new program we have for our students and staff. This program is very unique and different to us and we want everyone to have an open mind and heart.

We are emphasizing increased support for students of marginalized identities including LGBTQ+. This is part of the Safe Schools Improvement Act and the Student Non-Discrimination Act and which fights discriminatory legislation in over 15 states. We empower students to affect change by supporting student-led efforts to positively impact their own schools and local communities.

CISD works to ensure that ALL students, including LGBTQ are able to learn and grow in a school environment free from bullying and harassment. Together, we can transform our schools K-12 into the safe and affirming environment all youth deserve.

Students can identify an ALLY here at CSID by looking for our new school logo with pride flag buttons.

An ALLY is a person who takes demonstrable action supporting members of a group with which they do not identify. We help youth who face disproportionate bullying, harassment and discrimination in K-12 schools. Each school has a Counselor or Student Success Advisor who is an ALLY and who supports students with Academics, Social/Emotional Needs, and College and Career Planning. We are more than happy to help even if it means just listening.

Zackery Herrera
Dean - Academic Advisor
Cuba Elementary School
[email protected]
575-289-3211 ext. 405
C: 505-290-4330
Mrs. Trish Delgado
Student Success Advisor
Cuba Middle School
[email protected]
575- 289-3211 ext. 305
C: 505-250-3587
Anna Brown
Student Success Advisor
Cuba High School
[email protected]
575-289-3211 ext. 211
C: 505-250-4132

Phone: (575) 289-3211   Fax: (575) 289-3314